My first painting 1996
This first cloth was an introduction to oil paint, but technique or something else, making it look like something, but not quit yet ,it's surprising how my different styles and techniques have developed in recent years.
But because it was my first cloth, I've always kept him up to now (2017) so it is 21 years old.

Roman Villa
After studying art history, there were several assignments in the classroom, including a book of Roman and Greek art, but also modern.
This created this villa in which I could instantly play the concept of shadow as you can also see at the openings of this building.
But still an easy task considering what would happen later in technology.

This painting was ever created because I saw a print of Salvador Dali and I made this print of paste plastic instead of paint.
The hardest thing is to paste the plastic in one time without mistake because the surface was colored paper so shifting is not possible. And cut out and filled in various colors as you see.

This pastel drawing was an exercise to locate a drunk man in the streets of Paris with positive and negative image, because you look the relationship between the buildings and the street.
Nice to work because Pastel is easy to mix with other colors at once.
And the result is surprising.

This painting is actually the first I experimented with various colors of oil paint with wet in wet but also with various brushes to create texture.
It is very addictive because there are colors that you only see when you are going to mix you’ll see the result. The name was seen to me the expression abstract because of everything you can see in this painting.

This big canvas was clear to me to create a serene image where there was not too much color but also clear boundaries that crossed each other to create a kind of horizon.
I'm visiting the beach all of my lifetime so a horizon for me was very likely to do in the first big canvas I ever made.
It has hung for a few years with a friend with an I-T company at the entrance of the office as an eye-catcher.

Time is money
This cloth is filled with oil paint and various time units, and real watches are processed as a first canvas with materials on it.
Various textures with oil paint mixed with sand are one of the options that emerged.
I want to improve this canvas after years to paint more beauty and time than what you see here.

No title
As I have indicated, I work with many materials as you can see at this canvas.
Copper strings, colored and arranged in various vertical directions with dyed dashes between them to fully systematically paint the same color and the same shapes so that the result is jumping out.
My first employer saw this painting after 35 years and he fell in love because it was a time-consuming job to bend and cut those strands plus the painting of the details.

This canvas was created because I was busy with painting in perspective.
Not special because it appeared in my early period without any sense of detail or art.
I want to emphasize that every artist has started somewhere and where the spectator is taken over how it evolved over time on my site.
Made in oil paint with acrylic paint as a substrate.

No Title
This cloth was also an experiment with texture, or Impasto, and wet in wet oil-based technique.
How does the paint behave in such exercises and it was necessary for me to master some basic exercises when I started painting and this is an example.

This cloth made me practice to make leaves with their own color and shape.
I like walking in the woods and I have a love for trees and untouched nature.
God is the great architect in my eyes of all this natural beauty so it's never boring if you're in the middle of a forest with the diversity you'll find there in each season.
Winter or summer or before or fall always has a beautiful look in my eyes and if you can paint that why not.
Also made with oil paint and impasto (Texture)

This canvas was painted following a dream I had in which I was in a room where there were various entrances and where I had to choose which one.
Shrouded in a dark atmosphere with curtains I made of a kitchen cloth baptized in synthetic resin so that it remained in a certain coiled form and then sprayed with yellow paint.
It's always fun to choose a subject based on something personal and what you can imagine like this dream.
Made in acrylic paint with texture paste and synthetic resin.

This canvas is a copy of a well-known wall from Katwijk at the time that there was another cinema around 1972 at the boulevard at that time.
A friend of mine wanted this image on painting so I could take this with photos.
He found the cloth more beautiful than the picture because it was painted.
Filled with acrylic paint.

This special cloth has arisen because I found metal satire pens and a piece of blade that I made the list later. In addition, I collected sharpen of grinding keys and pressed wood that is sharpen able and I have the shapes that I have written in advance filled in with oil paint mixed with these materials and finally the sate pens alongside to emphasize the shape.
I have a gift that if I look at something, there is spontaneously an image or idea upwards that I always pray for so God provides me with this is my testimony.
Made on a wooden surface (Plywood) and the material stuck with synthetic resin and wood glue because of the transparency after drying.

Sailing mast
This cloth was also a task of someone who had a sailboat himself and therefore wanted something of a wooden but also an aluminum mast on a painting.
It's quite difficult to paint the wood but it's satisfying when it's done.
Made with oilpaint.

The Cross
This large diamond-shaped cloth has originated because I'm Christian and I really wanted to always make something personal in the shape of the cross.
In my mind, after meditation, I received an image of a diamond and that also corresponded to the shape and later a diamond was named in Revelation 4 verse 3.
So that made my cloth special.
I have used oil paint, but also copper powder because it is oxidizing copper every year, and therefore changes in appearance, but also in appearance with the titanium white over color and a glazing oil to keep the underlying colors visible.

Trimetry 1
Experimenting is something I like to do in designing.
In this series, I have used one of the first series in a series of wooden slatted frames to create a shadow with light in three different grades, and these gradations worked out in color. From light to dark in 3 or 4 shades.
So the shades translate the dividing lines that occur even though it is 1 figure.
It was my own idea because I was meditating at this cloth at noon and at that moment the sun shine in and this wooden slatted window caused a shadow that I had to cross very quickly before the sun went away and the shape would be lost.
And this I later artificially worked out with light spots in a dark room so the effect was visible.
And the shape of the wooden window comes in different ways with different fabrics, but also with acrylic as well as oil paint in the beginning because of the plasticity.

Trimetry 2
As I explained in the previous painting how this cloth was made, this cloth was made with oil paint and titanium white undiluted because I worked it out as impasto with a palette knife like plaster so many tubes to fill everything but incredibly beautiful when done .
I painted the painting years after it became yellow and now I have finished it with Rembrandt paint with a high quality pigment so that the color never changes and keeps its beauty.

Trimetry 3
This canvas is filled with acrylic paint and acrylic-based acrylic based texture, but also metal foliage as texture.
So you can look forward to making something beautiful.

Trimetry 4
This canvas also with acrylic paint and paste for the texture but also the metallic color that makes it surprising.

Trimetry 5
With this canvas I used two wooden windows with wood shredders like texture and acrylic paint combined with Hebrew letters and technique (wet in wet) with blue in the background.

This cloth was made in one afternoon because I wanted to make something for a nursing home in Salonta Romania where my relationships go every year to bring goods for people who do not own anything.
Until today, the predecessor of a church has my painting still in his office, although I will replace it for something more beautiful with content.
Made in acrylic paint with texture paste on wooden background.

Still something with trees and own fantasy in acrylic paint with texture paste last in the natural way.
This and other cloths have been given me to a good cause because painting is fun but it also takes up a lot of space so you have to rank which one is the most beautiful.
And the design is the most beautiful thing I think.

The Attack
A painting with a symmetrical figure facing all sides and in the corners of stars that want to attack him.
Made with acrylic paint and texture paste in various colors.

Dark Territory
I created this canvas from my imagination because I have seen various art books about fairy-tale landscapes and strange characters such as Lord of the Rings.
This design is fun to do with all sorts of color combinations and texture, but also darkish sides that make it exciting with every detail you put in.
Made with acrylic paint and texture paste.

New York
This cloth I made on 09-11 so I got an example of a photo before this attack took place.
I have drawn it myself big and used various materials like fine mesh painted and acrylic paint on a wooden panel and every skyscraper I have classified myself in color so probably not original but the shape.
The blue underneath has to represent water in abstract form.
Then I photographed this canvas and sent it to New York City Townhall to offer my condolences to the great loss of this disaster, and then I received a booklet describing the disaster and the countless people involved.
I felt honored and emotionally responsive to my contribution.
Therefore, I do not understand that people to these things are capable, although many families have lost their parents or relationships or loved ones that day.
For who's the victim, ultimately, "the ordinary man who tries to do his job to maintain his family ,,,.

A message
A big canvas that contains the world and the afterlife that will manifest itself when Christ returns and comes to a great many judgments about this earth.
Faces that all have their own story, so do not be afraid because these things must happen and you will meet your ancestors (biblical text). Finished in acrylic paint with many materials such as copper bars and luminous paint, but also painted tempex to make hills on a large wooden surface because they are drilled and glued.
This was also something I designed from my mind from start to finish.

Sculpture 2
This image is made of Gibo concrete and if you immerse it in chemical resin, it becomes sandy instead of white.
The model has arisen from my mind without knowing what it had to be.
It is often feathered because it is very soft and fragile, and the leaves are endangered as a kind of laurel wreath.
I use coarse arrows to model and fine diamond arrows to pinpoint details.

This special cloth reflects my belief in abstract form.
I have used several new techniques such as the undiluted mixing of various liquid paints with a glazing gel, so it takes a lot of paint, but the effect may also be in combination with glass beads where the paint is not attached to an effect.
Also filled with acrylic paint and texture paste.

With this canvas, the Jewish star and the crucifixion appear in abstract form painted with acrylic paint and use of relief paste to emphasize the examples.
Importantly, I would like to turn my faith into image and shape like here.

Jerusalem, which will be the capital of the world when the Messiah returns.
The Messiah is the cornerstone according to the Bible which the architects have rejected but was raised by God until all enemies are gathered under a footstool (biblical text).
So all Israeli opponents will know who is ruling worldwide in the next century.
For it has been written since Abraham's time in which God said, "Whoever blesses you, will be blessed and who curses you will be cursed" is a statement that must be taken seriously until today because it is a Prophetic statement .
Made in acrylic paint with relief paste.

Jacobs Battle
The famous story of Jacob's battle with God performed in acrylic paint with relief paste when God broke his hip and then called him Israel.

This Israeli currency I painted with acrylic paint and copper powder and gel to accentuate the coin features.
According to some Bible commentators, the Menorah symbolizes the burning bush that Moses saw on Mount Sinai.
Moses had to make a seven-candle candle, according to precise instructions, by Moses in the Tabernacle at the Ark of the Covenant, in which the stone plates were with the Ten Commandments (Exodus 25).

This snowy landscape was a mission for someone who had a practice and what the people could enjoy when they were in the waiting room.
Working with shades of white and shadow and light is not easy but beautiful with the dark elements that jump out of the surrounding.
Completely filled with acrylic paint and gel.

This valley has also been made for the same practice with a fairytale-like environment with a valley and colorful elements painted in it and where you can observe many detail as long as you zoom in. Made with acrylic paint and relief paste to enhance the impression.

Picture of medieval representation of woman, or princess crossing the death river with a male figure that brings her to the other side for a penny.
My fantasy is very colorful because I have read many books that contain sages and legends.
And the statement: "Who paid the crossing" applies to this story.
Made with acrylic paint and texture paste and special fluorescent colors.

After 09-11
In addition to the Twin Towers, there was a building where everything was dragged and I painted because I wanted to show the impact of changing a beautiful building in a matter of seconds, and still remote from the disaster at the time.
As I said before, I was destroying emotionally involved here because of the futility of each other. Man is able to live for a long time in peace because we can learn from every war in the past but if one does not have forgiveness then the end seek is also the words of our Creator who calls the intelligence of this world a foolishness and the While his own destruction meets this conscience.
Too bad people do not realize this.

The beginning
A painting of a chapel with graves around which indicate that this is the end of your present life because it ends with age or any other cause.
If you are standing before the throne after this life, God sees you in Christ, so with the salvation work on the cross of Golgotha, you are free to enter if you believe it.
Many people pass by because they do not call for God to seek to serve God although the consequences are gigantic when you read God's Word.
Once you die, it's too late to go back as the rich man asked so you have the choice.
In my life for 35 years, I was not a Christian until the moment I reversed and took these things to me and this has changed a lot in my present life, which I even regret that I had not decided in advance.
But there is also a fight if you surrender to this so perseverance is important to stay in a world that releases God.
But it's an enrichment that's unprecedented and you cannot buy.
Filled with acrylic paint and gel to create texture .

The beginning of the 2nd World War in which the pogroms and prosecutions of killing Jewish people have caused an unprecedented suffering that is unknown.
There are even people who deny this affair because, with this prosecution, any evidence was also destroyed on some survivors after this recounted and the historic sites such as the destruction camps that still remained.
Disgusting and embarrassing to call yourself a civilized human being with such a history that has taken place in the west.
And even scanning and threatening to a people who have experienced such a past with loss of whole families.
Is this civilized or barbaric in the eyes of this world, or cannot I say this because facts are facts.
Painted with acrylic paint on glass plate.

The same story as before, but now an Angel of Revenge who reveals this affair in the end, and the guilty will prosecute for an eternal punishment because the Messiah Himself is of Jewish descent.
The details who are painted you will find in museums about the persecution of the Jewish people.
Also painted on glass with acrylic paint.

Where does my help come from?
If you encounter walls in this life you wonder how to get around.
I experience the outcome when I am going to pray to the Source which is Christ for me.
And I've experienced doors open even though it seemed impossible in many options.
This strengthens your faith and, as it were, is eliminated above the problems.
Are there no people who want to experience this in love, health, and other important things that are not for sale and where the world has no answer.
I am a living witness in this regard so there is hope that does not shame.
Painted on wood panel with acrylic paint and coarse texture paste as you can see.

This canvas is painted with acrylic paint and raw gel to designate rock blocks that will come down as a comet on this earth and cause global wreckage.
This is called one of the last judgments in Revelations when the seals are broken in heaven.
It has already been claimed by NASA and astronomers that there are often some rock blocks with a diameter as big as a soccer field crossing the earth, so an impact is enough to kill millions of people.
In the past, the dinosaurs have also been extinct by such an impact.
So that option is very real when you look at it.

Fire from heaven is one of the judgments that will make the earth and the images are angels that keep their scales up when these judgments are executed.
Does not people want to escape alone if they are brought into heaven in the meantime when one is converted to celebrate the Lamb's wedding (Christ).
The judgments will take place in the meantime because there is a final battle between God and satan.
I said before that the spiritual struggle here on earth is currently a struggle between these two powers (Good and evil).
And people think there are other factors that cause this.
It is described in the Bible but if you do not study this word then you will be lost because of lack of knowledge, Jesus Christ said.
When you experience hate against another person you are an instrument in the hands of evil.
Painted with acrylic paint and stripes with special acrylic sticks to keep lines thin and collages to indicate the angels.

Do you ever walk through the city or somewhere else without causing incentives, and then remembering things from the past that show up again but now years later.
I have experienced this often and it was a puzzle to put this cloth in such a way that the features were visible.
Psychologically a beautiful cloth with interfaces like coins and a cube that comes back in other areas and also because I made special colors with acrylic sheets as you can see.
Painted with acrylic paint and real coins glued in.

Elements in the painting are taken from books and the background is a memory of the past because your life is getting older and when you were young you could perform a lot and when you get older you are on an unwanted slide because you have to lose a lot in health and you can change much less than before so your height slowly changes to a low point.
How can you accept this loss has become the global question.
God says that you are important and that He loves you.
So if the world loses you, or you lose someone or your abilities become less until you are alone and you have become depressed without God, there is one more one who gives you and that gives you the balance to grow old without depression And if people are hateful, God gives you the strength to love him or her regardless of who or what's coming from you.
Every person becomes old and where we find the appreciation we need as an elderly in this world, with God is my answer.
Painted with acrylic paint and special wire gel to draw thin lines in color.

How long !!!
This cloth reflects all kinds of warfare and weapons that come straight from your TV every night and billions get in because of the need to earn enough so peace has become an illusion in this world.
Because weapons are provided by regimes that even suppress their own people, nothing is said because the economy is maintained globally.
So who is fooled while children die and several disasters that could have been combated for a long time if they had spent this money well.
Or space trips that cost billions because one wants to know if there is a living outside the atmosphere or from which there are planets that have not yet yielded any benefits to humanity.
So I think this will never stop if it depends on man.
When man built the tower of Babylon, God caused a confusion of speech because man would be proud and pursue each other but what have people learned now in the 2000 year.
It has become a race at the expense of.
Painted with acrylic paint on a wooden surface.

Captured Beauty
This piece involves global pollution with plastic in seas and radioactivity in sea and soil and global warming that slowly and easily extinguishes humans and animals.
The term is caught by the importance of isolating important things by protecting animals in a park from eradication and storing flower beds in a kind of database before it expires, and also animals that are now grown for extinction and maybe plans for people are conceivable before we die out of clone or so.
Behind the facts, I think so, a remedy, but no prevention.
And that's what we call science at the top.
Painted with acrylic paint and flowers and fishnet in gel and tree bark as a list in synthetic resin prepared and painted.

Everyone wants to become rich in this world and if you know God you are already treacherous because you cannot buy the entrance into heaven at any price in the world.
Only by faith are you chosen and not otherwise.
How difficult is it for a rich to enter heaven as a camel through the eye of the needle, says the Christ.
Due to the amount of money and certain constructions in the financial world, we have caused a global crisis by the greed of wealthy people or agencies who have wasted billions and where as a solution, the hard-working citizen must update the difference by depositing his retirement or income and thus these financial markets again happily go on with this gamble such as derivatives and other forms of investment.
Because a government institution can never be addressed when it comes to loss but a citizen does.
And that people are gambling and cause a lot of misery because of being addicted is rearing society with high costs so it's a vicious circle that never breaks.
In Las Vegas you enter money and after 1 night you are bankrupt. Incredible.
Painted with acrylic paint and real Dutch cents on wooden surfaces.

2015 Exhibition in Art and Soul during Art Route in Leiden.
This exhibition was an opening for my work for a large number of people.
Also in September 2017 there is another exhibition here and I will participate with 2 paintings namely Flowerfestijn and Amsterdam.

Western Wall
The Wailing Wall is the holiest place for the Jews and symbolizes the centuries longing for a state in which faith is central to God. It has become the Jewish symbol. Symbol of the suffering of the Jewish people, but at the same time the promise of recovery.
There is also strength when one is present there often told me.
It is painted with acrylic paint and relief paste for the stones.

Lucy in the Sky
This canvas was created when I saw pine needles in a pine forest and then I wanted to make figures on a painting.
I have painted each needle in various colors as you can see and then sorted and cut so I put the figures together with glue.
Painting the needles lasted a few months before I could fill in the figures so very time consuming.
I enjoyed it a lot because it was a one-time project without experience.
Painted with acrylic paint and needles with gel fastened.

I wanted to make a canvas with various types of faces of poor and rich in all kinds of shapes.
Every human being is different, and when you look at a face, you see the personality because eyes betray everything.
Eyes speak their own language and look at someone (eye contact) is difficult for many people.
Eyes are the mirrors of the soul.
And the attitude also says a lot of someone so therefore I made this canvas to show the differences.
Painted with acrylic paint and use of liquid paint (Mixed) and gel to fill in background.

This change of throne was great news when Princess Juliana took the place of her mother Queen Wilhelmina.
Various collages show how this event was happening and it was an honor to put this in a nice jacket with special acrylic paint in boxes and with a shell-like background to designate the Royal and to suggest acrylic sheets to depth.
Queen Wilhelmina was a head of state with the longest years of government so best to be proud of this effort.

Never alone
This canvas is meant for people who may have lost their way for a long time and that I want to encourage.
It represents a man walking on the beach and afterwards seeing him four footsteps in the sand while he was alone.
However, he was not alone because God carried him through the difficulties.
I've been alone for a very long time and almost went downstairs, but I always came back and then I found out that God never left me alone.
When King David was in a cave in flight for Saul, he called to God and then it appeared that God was also in that cave so you're never alone if you have a relationship.
Where do you find this in this world?
Painted with acrylic paint and gel texture.

Old Katwijk
In modern style painted with acrylic paint and peaks from the fishing time of the early century.
A rich past of hardworking people who stood alone and know there difficult times when they lose their husband or family at sea and then were helped by the community.
Together to church and together on the beach and always together in community sense.
Even now, that line is still visible in Katwijk.
Many tourists from abroad and abroad have been here for decades for the peace and mentality that has always been guaranteed.

Vector 1
Approximately the same idea as my Trimetry series at the time but now with other light and homemade wooden windows in a different way and painted with acrylic paint and gel texture.
A whole new concept.

Vector 2
This canvas in a different color and in another environment where mathematics appears in a figure and on a wooden surface.

Vector 3
This was the most beautiful of all three because the colors affected each other and with the texture gel there was something special.
Also painted with acrylic paint.

This sizeable oil painting canvas represents Israel among many countries that pose a threat to the national security of this progressive Jewish people.
Numerous threats and attacks are taking place with a nothing despicable character, which does not end this country and must constantly start an offensive to protect the citizens.
It is extraordinary that these current events have been in the Bible for thousands of years and that they are prophetically seen until today.
Painted with oil paint and impast engineering and dark color that represents the struggle that is constantly going on.

why!!!! This Hatred
Israel among countries that have quite military potential to bring this small country a big blow and the fact that several countries want to drive this Jewish people into the sea.
There is no country in the world that only means that it is a spiritual struggle and that no man can bring peace except God.
Humanity has been acquired into an endless and hateful society that wants to impose their will through war and violence. If one reads Revelations then one sees that God intervenes when this end will begin and there will finally be peace for this Jewish country after decades of persecution and hatred.
And look critically how this country has evolved since its existence in the midst of 75 million enemies and still standing.
God will make his promise to Abraham and there is no country in the world that stops it.
So if someone raises the sword against Israel, he will perish himself by the sword and this is Prophetic.
Made in oil paint with impast technology.

This special soapstone image that turns black when wet and light grey if you modified is a stone in which I have worked 3 years in the seasons on the beach as you can see further on the site .
I have filed only because of the hardness of the stone so if I would chop then it would be able to break.
So I didn't want to take that risk and the files in itself is the most beautiful thing there is because I didn't know what it would be with very thin walls in which I visited the borders of the fragile.
And then I put it with clear coat sprayed and then a green haze that has never had manifested during the files.
So a long-term project with a surprising outcome and many tourists who were very positive because I worked on the beach because I could easily fix the stone in the soft sand.

The Change
This evocative cloth has arisen because I am convinced to be Christian and leave nothing by chance because God reveals in my life and thoughts every day.
And then you will see things better and experience things better than people who do not want to start with God.
The image Joan of Arc is in Paris and symbolizes her faith and her death as a Christian because of her conviction at the time. To me, a brave woman who came to her opinion in an era where you as a woman had nothing to say. Admirable in my eyes.
The canvas is abstractly formulated with gold powder incorporated in it to emphasize the beauty of the imperishable and the shapes of people who also made their choice for a life with God.

Katwijks Pride
This modern painting is done in acrylic paint with acrylic sheets in shape as the buildings indicate and the different colors that I filled in with my own insight.
Unlike the White of the church and the white of the Lighthouse and also the silver blue which symbolizes the color of Katwijk's weapon from earlier times.
Designing and coloring is the nicest thing I find myself from a psychological point of view.

This canvas came into my mind because I work in the flower sector and every day many women make the most beautiful bouquets transported by drivers.
Therefore, the women faces flanking floral in a certain order of color to black and white and then color again.
A collage in which the flowers and faces painted with Acrylic paint are clearly displayed in three different fabrics in a whole.

This new cloth originated because Amsterdam is very popular with many people regardless of origin or status. The rich and famous of this earth are passing bye in well-known hotels like the famous Amstel-Hotel and Fletcher-Hotels because they like the mood in this capital City.
I want to make a difference between the period of 1800 in which soundness was central and currently in which much has changed is according buildings and luxury and innovative ideas and solutions that are in this city. The famous bridges and various hotels and museums, s that are in collage in various designs.
Performed with acrylic paint and various photos are laminated in an artificial coat.

This cloth was for me the first canvas in which I wanted to paint a face or a close-up of Christ, but not in its entirety because I wanted to speak the eye if you looked at it.
Christ hung on the cross with awesome suffering but also as a Son of GOD so see and experience at such a moment when you see His eyes. Cramped by the pain or self-esteem, He stands above the events because He said: Forgive them Father because they do not know what they are doing. Unbelievable that he even prays for His enemies is my thought.
This proves that He is the Son of God because no man can bring it.
I cannot just say that this is also a true image of Christ because it is more symbolic to me in the event.
With acrylic paint filled and texture paste to emphasize relief and filled in Hebrew letters.

Women's torso of rope
This piece of art was designed by me years ago to make a female torso of sisal rope soaked in synthetic resin.
My neighbor at that time was the model to realize this idea.
She was sealed with foil and then with plaster over it until the model was hard.
Then I put the ropes in it and poured it with synthetic resin so that the seams filled and the rope tightened.
Then paint with airbrush paint as you can see.

Fishing Boats
This idyllic picture of Van Gogh boats on the beach has been painted in a different way, as you can see.
Van Gogh inspires me greatly because of the color use and everyday things that can be seen in the world as many paintings of his hand feature.
I gave the sky a little more color and painted the water in realistic color.
Made in acrylic paint and gel to indicate texture.
Dimensions are 50 cm x 50 cm.

Love conquers all
This painting is a representation of a married couple who live together with all the confrontations they get on their way.
The tunnel represents the way of life with the rails as an example that you are firmly on the track so that you can meet all the challenges of the mutual love band you have together.
The tunnel is symbolically the long way you cannot see the end and thus remains a challenge.
Nowadays divorce has become normal because giving and taking does not fit into our street anymore.
Painted with acrylic paint on plexiglas to create a beautiful effect by projecting the paint on 2 sides.

Visual Progress in Texture
Like the pyramids are centuries old and for some people a mystery how this came about with means from a bygone era, I have designed this painting on Plexiglas with various shapes, textures and shades and colors which represents the modern era in 3d-line-like background.
Using acrylic paint and texture paste, as you can see.
Dimensions are 70 cm x 52 cm.

Tangle box
A painting in which I applied surface division by means of interplay of lines, the whole of which always remains a surprise because the components with color and shape create their own dimension as you see here.
A sort of cube with tangle-like lines and where it is difficult for me to stop because more and more form.
But the character does not have to become dominant.
Filled with acrylic paint and iridescent colors on a metallic stone background.
Dimensions are 60 cm x 60 cm.

This modern painting on Plexiglas painted to emphasize 3d effects as you can see here with these keyboard keys.
Why this image will tell you.
This keyboard in combination with a computer has this world in its grasp, although people judge it differently when asked about it.
Nobody thinks that if there is an atmospheric disturbance in the magnetic field of this earth, we are, as it were, brought back to the stone age because computers can fall out and disastrous consequences present themselves.
Because we have linked everything to this form of automatism.
So I move myself into simple things that can cause considerable consequences and to awaken the humanity that I am working on. Soon they even want to link defense to robots that make decisions independently because people think when they want to launch nuclear weapons and robots do not.
This always saves time in a counterattack where seconds are important.
I have always said that man goes to his own downfall and this proves that it is so.
Luckily, God will not be left unpunished when it is that far, says the Bible.
Painted with acrylic paint and also the frame filled with pearl with gel.
Dimensions are 50 mcm x 37 cm.