1 My Conversion to God
When we think about how things came into being and originated until 2018 in this world.
What has happened to mankind since God created Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden where everything was still unspoiled and could have continued forever without sin and awareness or the consequences of this.
Before sin had corrupted Paradise, there were enough means in this garden to live on, to live without shame, for they were naked and did not know this fact either.
Everything was pure and God walked with them what was special because it was His creation and He showed them the right way in this Paradise.
Until the serpent (satan) tempted them with an apple to be equal to God knowing good and evil after 1 bite.
And after that temptation, Adam blamed his wife and God because God had given him that woman.
So after one bite he denied God and he did not take responsibility for himself why he made this choice.
Although God had warned him: you may eat anything except from this one tree.
This has so far had a flight in the behavior of man.
First I then the rest is the current motto.
God specifically spoke about how humanity would develop outside of His influence.
Spines instead of fruits.
God has quoted countless points in His law about how to live according to His guidelines.
Currently, these rules are becoming increasingly blurred and whole groups of people are seeing blind.
Churches run empty so accountability to God disappears with this development and people think that this is solved and the world is better off without God and His rules.

2 The return of Jesus Christ
But the Bible also has a chapter that Jesus Christ comes back to this world.
Church and thus God-leavers will lose their eternity and be judged harshly.
The Bible speaks of blood that runs out of the wine press when this earth will soon be (changed) with His Truth and His Divine Rules.
What will be difficult for a person to accept from the current climate on this planet.
God does not want You to be lost, but that You will be saved by Jesus Christ soon because You have kept His rules.
Jesus therefore says: Establish my church so come together every week in My Word and carry a positive message in this world so that people can see what my love and rules entails.
And He drags you through situations and I can confirm that after years of repentance even though I later became a Christian.
The life of a Christian knows many challenges but experiences help because God connects Himself and dedicates himself to countless situations that You go through in this life.
What does this earth offer for people who are ill or have lost their way?
Money does not improve if you have cancer and does not give satisfaction or peace if you die, God does.
Where the resources on earth fail, God will begin because there is nothing that He has no influence on.
To experience happiness under conditions that you otherwise press down because God influences your disposition and your mind through His creative power.
Change your inner life so that you become a different person with a sense of life without depression or behavior that can be annoying or upset your life.
All these spearheads are possible with God is my experience to date.
Perseverance through prayer has many challenges and victories.

3 Ask and Prayer
Questions and praying is the answer to these questions.
Well on God's time, but if you are personally committed to this, He will not leave you unrewarded.
So put God in the first place in our hectic life because God is a jealous God who wants you totally for himself.
You are not obligated because you are free.
But do you want to move forward in this chaotic world where there is no certainty about your income or other important points that you have to deal with as a person.
With all these things you can go to God and He will help you because He takes over your thoughts and dispositions through His Spirit.
People who do not experience God think that I am crazy about what I am writing here because an ordinary person can hardly accept this because the spiritual answers are from above and not from the earth.
I regard my body as a temple of God, so smoking, drinking, and all kinds of earthly pleasures I consider to be a violation of my relationship with God, so He has given me strength to overcome these things.
How many people struggle without realizing that God can free You from this.
That is why rejection is no longer difficult if you go into the sea with God because this refusal no longer has any incentive to fall back on.

4 Not Spiritual but Flesh
I used to do everything and join in with friends because you wanted to belong but since my conversion I am totally free of this participation because I decide my own way.
Then you live much happier than before and you also make fewer mistakes, which means you achieve more in life.
Studies, Formation, Sentence and Motivation can raise your life and God wants to give it all for nothing.
But instead, the churches run empty and if you ask why, there are always situations where people blame faith.
God has a Holy Law in which there are all kinds of restrictions on how to deal with your fellow man.
Helping poor people, not murdering, not cursing, not really separating, not the things we perceive worldwide such as war, threats, poverty, and many more things that God disapproves of when you read His Holy Law.
There is much going on in this world where God is to blame but for which the devil is responsible.
When you study the Bible, you automatically see how the misery in this world manifests itself and what is prophetically waiting for it.
First, by man himself who is separate from God.
For God will send His Son to this world later to tackle this misery and that forgotten people because they no longer believe God.
Too many situations such as Chaos and War make people mad and blind to the truth that will soon be revealed when the Christ returns.
It will be like in the days of Noah when the people went their way and celebrated and did not know that the flood would come.
He comes as a thief in the night and then you cannot repent anymore because then the Eternal Judgment follows.

5 Warning !!!
You now understand why I put this on my site so that you still have the chance to pray or take a step as I did 20 years ago and now I reap the benefits that I never could have thought or expected at the time because I was like you.
Do I not have to do anything and choose for myself and let people get lost.
If you look critically at what we will be dealing with in the Netherlands or Europe in 2019 then you will be cheerful or you will not see it like those hundreds of young people who commit suicide or go to the drugs to find a way out that is not there because more and more is being loaded on your neck no matter who you are.
A tough world that is destroying itself because there are billionaires who make the service and do not care about whether you die or not.
That is the image of this world at present.
Critically viewed, the right is crooked and vice versa.
Older people who have built up this prosperity since the war are the victims of budget cuts in nursing homes where statistically most millionaires come from as a manager or something.
Hospitals where everything becomes more expensive and where you will die without insurance because the wages go up and the money needs to be replenished, which leads to high tension.
Politicians who only make the difference between rich and poor because they are paid by this sector.
Whoever has money has power and determines what happens is the law of the strongest.

6 The End
And so I can go on for hours, but I stay with my answer.
Prefer dead to God than living in this world without God because He carries me through everything that can happen here and I wish you too.
Pray or ask differently in your inner room whether God wants to
present himself in your life and keep this frequent for a few months.
You will automatically receive an answer is my promise to you.
It is also special for me to mention that I have had several operations in which I could not carry out my work and that I have been working for years as a driver in the flower sector.
And I have overcome difficult situations by prayer and assume that they were quite challenging from my position as a job seeker later in life when employers dropped me because of my age.
And I believe with all my heart that the serving of God is equivalent to being exempt from His judgment because we confess Christ Jesus and His crucifixion on Golgotha’s Cross.
His forgiveness is realized on this cursed cross and not as many Christians say that God is love.
God has given His own Son forgiveness of sin for mankind and no other than this fact.
This is how you see that study of the Divine Word (The Bible) is vitally important to discuss later.
And Jesus says in a prophetic way: Will I still find faith when I come back later?
With the deflation of the churches in Europe this is a warning that one has to take seriously is my thought.
Your host,
Hans Hakkenberg