Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest that he send forth workers in his harvest. Matthew 9:38.
The secret of the missionary issue has God in hand, and that secret is prayer, and not work, that is, no work as one usually understands that word, because it could mean a failure to focus on God. The key to solving the transmission problem is not in common sense, in the medical mission, neither in civilization nor in education, even in evangelism. The key is the prayer. "Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest".
Of course, prayer is not a practical method but a foolishness; We must realize that prayer is foolish when one sees the matter from the common sense. As Jesus Christ sees the things, there is no mention of nations but of the world. How many of us pray without regard to the person, only with respect to a person, Jesus Christ? Home belongs to the harvest ripened by repulsion and sin consciousness, and for this harvest we must pray that workers are sent out to bring him. We are seized by all kinds of activity, while around us people are ripe for harvesting; and we do not get from within, but waste the time of our Lord with excessive activity. Imagine that the crisis would come in the life of your father, in the case of your brother: are you there as a worker to get the harvest for Jesus Christ? I actually have something very special! No Christian has something special to do. A Christian is called to belong to Jesus Christ, and may not stand above His Master; Jesus does not write what he intends to do. Our Lord does not appeal to a special work; He calls on Himself. "Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest" and He will guide the circumstances and send you out.

He who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do, and greater than these, because I go to the Father. John 14:12.
Prayer does not mean that we are able to do larger works: praying is the bigger work. We think prayer is a logical exercise of our higher functions to prepare us for God's work. In the preaching of Jesus Christ, the work of the miracle of salvation in me prays, bringing the miracle of salvation to others through the power of God. These fruits can only be preserved by prayer, but remember that this prayer is based on the soul anxiety of salvation, not on my own anxiety. Only a child receives a hearing on his prayer, a wise human being.
Prayer is a fight; Where you are, it does not matter. How God leads to the circumstances, you are called to pray. Never let the thought come true that few of you go out, because there can certainly not be anything from you where you are not. Pray, in what circumstances God has placed you, call Him "and what you will pray in My name, I will do" (verse 13). We only want to pray if we experience emotions; This is the worst form of spiritual selfishness. We must float as God's guidance tells us, and He says "Prayer": "Then pray the Lord of the harvest, that he may send forth workers in his harvest" (Matthew 9:38).
There is no emotion in the work of an ordinary worker, but it is the ordinary worker who allows the ideas of the genius; and it is the ordinary worker in the Kingdom of God who allows the ideas of his master. Your labor consists of praying, and from God's point of view, there are results all the time. What will surprise you when the veil is lifted and you will see the souls harvested by you simply because you simply received your commandments from Jesus Christ.

My Kingdom is not of this world John 18:36
The greatest enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ in our day is the perception of practical work that is not based on the New Testament, but on the methods of the world, with particular emphasis on developing a great activity, but not on a personal life with God. Emphasis is placed on the wrong point. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God does not come to the fore ... because, see, the kingdom of God is with you" (Luke 17: 20-21), a hidden mysterious thing. An active worker in the Kingdom of God lives too often in a glass house. But the living power of God originates in the inner of the inner.
We must get rid of the miserable religious spirit of our time.
In the life of our Savior there was no trace of that great activity, with all the hunting and the hustle of which we look so high, and the disciple must be the Master. The central point in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is a personal bond with Him, not public utility to humanity.
The strength of this Bible study school is not in practical work, its strength lies in the fact that you are laid before God in the week. You have no idea where God will lead your circumstances, you do not know what pressure he will put you here or overseas and if you turn your time into exaggerated activities instead of the great fundamental truths of God's salvation in you to work through, then you will turn off as soon as the pressure comes; but if this time is consumed with God, it is being - rooted - rooted and grounded, then you will keep him faithful in whatever happens.

Associate of God in the gospel of Christ. 1 Thessalonians 3: 2
After your sanctification it is difficult for you to determine what your purpose is in life because God has taken you into His plan by the Holy Spirit. He now uses you for His purposes throughout the world, as He has used His Son for the purpose of our salvation. If you seek great things for yourself, "God has called me for this or to," then you prevent God from using you. As long as you focus your interest on your own character or on something that sets your ambition, you cannot come to terms with God's interests. You can only get there by giving up every dunk of yourself forever and by allowing God to take you directly into His plan for the world, and because your hallways are ways of the Lord, they can never understand. I have to learn that my life goal is God's purpose and not mine. God uses me from His comprehensive personal viewpoint, and all that He asks of me is that I trust Him, and I will never say, "Lord, this gives me so much heartache." When I speak so, I become a block on the leg. Only when I stop telling God what I want, He can use me unrestrained for what he wants. He can make me small or raise me.
He can do anything with me what He chooses. He only asks me to believe unconditionally in Him and in His goodness. Self-complacency is from the devil: if I go out of this way, I cannot be used by God in His plan with the world. Then I live in "a world in the world" and God will never be able to get me out because I'm afraid to get in the cold.

Our disorders are muddy
With us is so much mud and dregs on the bottom and on the walls of our affections that when our anger, sorrow, sorrow or fear comes into action, our fountain throws up sin. We cannot love, or we covet; do not fear, or we despair; do not rejoice, or we are lascivious, vain and outrageous; do not believe, or we are audacious. We exhale sin; we give away a smell of hell when the wind passes over our field of weeds and thistles. Our soul produces only wild grain; the poem of the thoughts of our hearts is only angry from our youth. Oh, that it is Christ's desire to plant some of His flowers in our soul and bless the soil, that they might prosper, heated and nurtured by it. When inside is grace, she reveals herself under heavy tribulations. A saint is a saint, even in oppression, as is a hypocrite a hypocrite, and everyone is himself; and when he is in the melting pot, he gives off an odor as he is. The moved Christ prays; the requested Job believes; (Job 19:25) the scourged apostles are glad;

Dedication of Spiritual Power "through whom the world was crucified to me and I of the world ,,Galatians 6:14
When I think deeply about the Cross of Christ, I do not become a subjective pietist who is only interested in his own spotlessness; I am then mainly focused on everything that concerns Jesus Christ. Our Lord was no hermit and no ascetic. He did not withdraw from society, but he was always separate from it. He did not keep himself aloof, but He lived in a different world. He lived so much with the world of all day, that the pious people of his time called Him a greed and a wine-sucker. Our Lord never allowed anything to hinder the full devotion of his spiritual energy to God.
The counterfeit of devotion is deliberately giving up all kinds of things with the intention of reserving spiritual power for later, but that is a hopeless mistake. God's Spirit has affected the sins of many, and yet there is no deliverance, no fullness in their lives. The kind of religiosity that we see around us today is totally different from the healthy holiness of Jesus Christ's life. "I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil one" (John 17: 15).
We must be in the world, but not of the world; we must not separate from it, but in principle.
We must never allow anything to disturb the devotion of our spiritual energy to God. Dedication is our share, sanctification is God's share; and we must deliberately make the decision to only interest those things in which God puts an interest. The way to solve confusing problems is that we ask ourselves: "Is this in the interest of Jesus Christ, or is this in the interest of the spirit that Jesus is" up against? " "

,,, and to be justified not from his mercy. Romans 3: 24.
The gospel of the grace of God awakens an intense desire in the human soul, but also an equally intense aversion, because the revelation it brings is not to our taste. There is a certain haughtiness in man who wants to keep giving; but it is very different to hold up and receive your hand. I want to give my life as a martyr, I want to give myself with general dedication, I want to do everything in the world, but do not humiliate me to the level of a sinner who has desperately deserved hell and do not tell me that everything I do to do is to receive the gift of redemption through Jesus Christ.
We must well realize that we cannot earn or win from God; we must either accept it as a gift or put it without it. The greatest spiritual blessing is knowing that we are destitute of everything; as long as we do not arrive there, our Lord is powerless. He can do nothing for us if we think that we have enough for ourselves; we must enter His Kingdom through the door of misery. As long as we are still rich, still possessed by things like pride or independence, God can do nothing for us. Only when we become spiritually hungry do we receive the Holy Spirit. Being part of the divine nature (2 Peter 1: 4) shows us how it works in us through the Holy Spirit. He gives us the renewed life of Jesus, through which the eternal comes to live within us, and hardly that has happened, or it rises to the things that are above and we are taken up in the area where Jesus lives (John 3: 5).

Wolf in sheep clothing or real !!
The main purpose and work of a pastor or predecessor is to save souls. I assume, as a sure fact, that he is not a straightforward predecessor when he does not feel that. Do not talk to me about the man's disposition. Everything can be done according to the rules. One can hold him for a respectable man. But if the saving of souls is not his predominant passion and is always a recurring thought, he is not a true preacher of the gospel. He is then a hireling and no shepherd. Municipalities may appeal to him, but he is not called by the Holy Spirit.
Is it his primary purpose to lead a service or to keep a number of sermons? Is it merely to administer the sacraments or to commit to marrying? They are sent to bring people from darkness to light and power of satan to god. They are sent to convince people to flee for the wrath that will come across the world. They are sent to deliver the people from serving the world and bring to service to God, the Lord. Paul summarizes this as follows: I have become weak for the weak to win the weak; For all I have been everything, in any case, to save some. (1 Corinthians 9:22)
Do not think that everything is in jugs and jars, when we have organized all kinds of services and convinced people to attend them. Do not think everything is fine when the church is full and many go to the Supper and the Sunday school is well stocked. What matters is the working of the Holy Spirit among men, a clear sense of sin, a living faith in Christ. A change of our heart, taking a clear distance from the world and not forgetting a holy walk with God

The Weight of the Dearth
The Bible does not say that God punished the human race for the sin of a human, but that the sinfulness of sin, that is, my claim to self-determination, the human race has come through a human being, and that another human is the sin of humanity gender to take her away (Hebrews 9:26), - a revelation that is much deeper. Sincerity for sin is not in immorality and in doing evil, but in the mind of self-sufficiency: I am my own God. This attitude can manifest itself in a decent moral or in an indecent morality, but they have the same basis, namely claim to self-determination. When our Lord came to the people with all the strengths of evil in them, and toward those who lived pure and were moral and righteous, he did not pay attention to the moral moral of the one or the highest moral of the others; He looked forward to something we did not see, that is, to the attitude.
Sin is something I've been born with and what I cannot control. God touches sin in salvation. In the Cross of Jesus Christ, God has redeemed the entire human race from the possibility of being condemned as a result of inheritance. God does not charge anyone in the world that he is obedient to inheritance. The condemnation is not because I was born with inheritance, but if I am aware that Jesus Christ has come to deliver me from it, and I refuse to let Him do that, then I will start from that moment to bear the seal of the damnation. "This is the judgment (the critical moment)" that the light came into the world, and the people had darkness rather than the light "(John 3:19).