This story is meant for all
Christians in this world.
I am aware that discussions are
taking place on a global scale that
there will soon be plans to censor
the internet as information, and
according to governments this is
going to prevent fake news. The
truth is shocking because there will
be a committee that will decide for
us what is good and bad with the
necessary sanctions resulting from
this, so God's truth is also a point
for them. So the freedom of speech
is strongly restricted like China
and yet a kind of dictatorship
(Government Control).If this happens
with the internet then we are a
small step away from other rules.
Since Europe is slowly going to
become Islamic and Christians will
soon become a minority, I foresee
certain prophecies to come true. You
do not have to believe it, but if
more than 50% of the inhabitants
belong to another faith, you also
get a minister president who belongs
to that belief, because that is
Democratic and Europe goes along
with that because there have been
agreements since 1970 in exchange
for oil with the Middle East which
President Chirac has arranged. So we
are slowly moving towards the
Islamic domination that gets this
world in its grip. There is a group
of special people who belong to the
super-rich who have their own
private secret club and who have
plans to influence the world
according to their standards. And
the only thing I know from my belief
is that this group does not realize
what awaits them when the fire test
presents itself to all inhabitants
on this planet. So let us persevere
and show love on behalf of our Lord