Some Spearheads to experience God in
Your hectic life.
I have described spiritual life as
the active presence of God's Spirit
in the midst of our existence that
is full of worries. Spiritual life
becomes possible only after we have,
through isolation and communion,
gradually created some free inner
space in our overflowing existence
and thus enable God's Spirit to
become tangible to us. We live in a
world full of worries and are
preoccupied by countless things. At
the same time we feel bored,
resentful, dejected and very lonely.
In the middle of that world appears
the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and He
offers us new life, namely the life
of the Spirit of God .
Our desire goes out to this life,
but at the same time we realize that
it is so radically different from
what we are used to, that even the
striving seems unrealistic. In what
way can we make that transition from
crumbling to unity, from the many
things to the only necessary, split-
up existence in the Spirit? For that
the hard fight is needed to let
God's Spirit work in us and to re-
create us. Fortunately, that
struggle does not surpass our
powers. There are some clear,
deliberate steps required, as well
as some moments a day in God's
presence, so that we can listen to
his voice during all our activities.
Moreover, the enduring effort needed
to be together with others in a new
way; to no longer see them as people
to whom we can cling anxiously, but
as fellow-men with whom we together
create new space for God. Those
deliberate steps - those disciplines
- are the concrete ways to "look for
his kingdom wholeheartedly". They
can slowly break down the power that
our concerns have over us and lead
us to constant prayer.
All beginnings are difficult, also
the beginning of spiritual life.
This is not only because the forces
that cause our worries are so
strong, but also because the
presence of God's Spirit is barely
perceptible. If, however, we remain
faithful to our disciplines, a new
hunger will arise. This is the first
sign of God's presence. As long as
we remain aware of this divine
presence, we will be led deeper and
deeper into the kingdom. There we
will feel to our joy and wonder that
all things have been made new.